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Application equipment

Biguma Manuplaster

Wm. Hilgers GmbH & Co. KG Einsatz von Biguma Manuplaster und Biguma Plast


Wm. Hilgers GmbH & Co. KG use of BIGUMA MANUPLASTER and BIGUMA-Plast
MANUPLASTER: Application equipment for seam flanks

With BIGUMA-Plast you have made the first choice of an asphalt seam bonding agent. For easy application we developed the MANUPLASTER. The application machine is easy, robust and at best suitable for the operation on site. Handling the MANUPLASTER goes without saying. Not only that the special compounding of BIGUMA®-Plast produces a high adhesion power of the seam, also the cleaning of the hoses and pumps of the machine is very easy through this compounding. The material can even remain longer in the machine without the forming of clumping or adhesion within the machine.

Knowingly we did not integrate a pressure container to avoid further unnecessary safety regulations. The pressure vessel regulation and many further risks were excluded from the beginning.

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Heater for BIGUMA® - joint sealants:

We will be pleased to help you choosing heaters and application equipment for BIGUMA® compounds. Take advantage of our experience to choose the best machine.

For smaller building sites we are pleased to offer you cost-effective universal heaters for the treatment of cracks, seams and joints.