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Additive for the optimisation of asphalt

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- Lowering of the built-in temperature
- Optimisation of the adhesion between mineral and binding agent
- Optimisation of the application properties of the asphalt mixture


Colzuphalt® is an additive for the optimisation of asphalt if the adhesion between mineral and binding agent, as well as the application properties of the asphalt mixture, shall be improved. At the same time Colzuphalt® is used for reducing the built-in temperature of the asphalt mixture.


Colzuphalt® is a liquid, surface active adhesion promoting agent. Already since the late sixties the use of Colzuphalt® has proved itself at many exposed traffic routes, especially at bridge floorings.

Colzuphalt® distinguishes itself through the following characteristics and properties:
- It is possible to reduce the temperature of the mixture by up to 30°C
- Adhesion promoter for the improvement of the adhesion between bonding agent and mineral
- Improvement of the application properties of the mixture
- Good compactibility of the mixture at reduced application temperature
- No "shifting" of the mixture at the milling procedure

Mode of action

Colzuphalt® is a reactive additive with multiple effects. Firstly it is an adhesion promoting agent; that means that the surfaces of the minerals, especially in the filling area, will be coated with the additive in such a way that the surface tension will be changed in favour of a better covering with the binding agent (lipophilic). Following Colzuphalt® reacts under thermal effect to a high quality bonding agent. The adhesion between bitumen and mineral is improved durable. The minerals therewith obtain hydrophobic and oleophilic properties, which also lead to an increase of the cohesion in the asphalt. Both reaction phases cause at the same time the decrease in temperature and the better processability.

Application instructions

Colzuphalt® is a slightly viscous liquid at room temperature, which can be either added to the mixer via a metering pump or single fusible plastic bags (portioned). The addition amount is 0.15 to 0.20 % by weight based on the mix.
To ensure the efficient distribution of Colzuphalt® at constant mixing time the following mixing cycle has proved itself.
The adding of the additive should immediately take place after the dosage of the chippings and sands; filler and bitumen have to be dosed subsequently.

Storage, reaction time

Colzuphalt® is a reactive additive, which needs a certain dwell time in the hot mixture for its action as adhesion promoter. This reaction time is approx. 2 hours at a mixture temperature of more than 120°C. This figure already includes the periods from passing the mixer, the ensilage, the transport to the building site as well as the application on site.
The mixture improved with Colzuphalt® keeps its specific properties even when it is stored for several hours in the silo.

Material consumption:

The dosage of Colzuphalt® is 0.15 to 0.20 % by weight based on the asphalt mixture.

Form of supply:

Colzuphalt® can be packed individually depending on the mixture demand at the mixing plant. For the dosage with a metering pump Colzuphalt® is supplied in 1,000 kg container, in 180 kg non-returnable drums or in 30 kg metal tins.
For the manual addition or for the addition via a belt conveyor Colzuphalt® can be supplied depending on the mixer size (charge) in easy fusible plastic bags.

1,000 kg IBC container
180 kg non-returnable drum
30 kg metal tin
l easy fusible plastic bags (e. g. 1.5 kg bag for 1 t mixture)

Extract from the study project B106

Test track B106
September 2004, study report, FE 07.203/2002/CRB
Extracts from the study report
Lowering the production and application temperature of asphalt by adding bitumen liquefier Low temperature properties
The low-temperature behaviour was checked by the Bending Beam Rheometer BBR.
Striking is the low stiffness S for the PMB 45 A, which is enriched with Colzuphalt. The found values are at a level that is usually achieved only with highly polymerized bitumen.

7.5.2 Asphalts with Colzuphalt
Asphalts produced with Colzuphalt could be built-in/processed very well. Lowering the built-in temperature did not lead to problems at the application of the mixture. The mix could be conveyed very well and it did not adhere to application devices.

Coating level of the minerals depending on the type of binding agent.in the bottle roll test is in accordance with DIN EN 12697:11.


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SMA 0/11S and SMA 0/8S, trace depth on cores Ø 300mm, water bath 50°C, steel wheel


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